The Top Benefits Of Table Tennis

The Top Benefits Of Table TennisTable tennis is a sport that can be played with either singles or doubles. Many may not see it is as a competitive sport, but it is very competitive. Couple this with the fact that you move super fast, so you can burn a lot of calories and get fit at the same time.

There are many wonderful benefits to table tennis. The first one is hand-eye coordination improvement. If you do not have very good hand-eye coordination, you should really consider taking up this sport in order to practice this skill. It can also be used to help sharpen your mental alertness. If you have a hard time concentrating, this sport could be for you. You can develop a tactical strategy by playing table tennis.

The best thing about table tennis, also known as ping pong, is that it is for every age. Young people love to play it because not only is it fun, but it is a wonderful way for them to sharpen their reflexes. And the elderly like to play this game as it can help to purify their actions.

Think about table tennis for a second. There are different things that you need to think about when playing. How fast is the ball going? What is the spin like on the ping pong ball? What is the placement of the ball like? All of these questions when answered help makes the ping pong players more skilled. These three questions will also help individuals not only create but also to solve, puzzles.

As a person ages, the joints can begin to hurt or ache. It may be hard for those that are aging to find the desire or the motivation to do something that can help their joints. Table tennis is a great sport for this. By doing this simple activity, one can improve their leg, arms, and core strength. The joints will not be overworked when playing this sport either. It can be used for those that are recovering from back surgery, a twisted knee or ankle, or someone who has other issues that will not allow them to get much exercise.

Are you searching for a method to enhance your reflexes? Perhaps ping pong or table tennis is right for you. The game is very fast-paced, yet it is short-lived. During this time, gross and fine motors will both be improved. You will be showing signs of exertion and recovery. This, in turn, will lead to fast-twitch muscle development.

If you are looking for an activity that can burn some calories, ping pong can easily burn 272 calories per hour. Compare this to some other forms of exercise. A person of the same size can burn 276 calories in half an hour by climbing stairs. By jumping rope, a person of this size can burn 105 calories per 10 minutes.

We all want to keep our brains sharp. As we age, we often lose this sharpness. However, by playing ping pong a person will increase the flow of blood to the brain. This can also help to ward off dementia. And the best part is that by playing this sport, you are using various parts of the brain.

Many elderly people need help with their balance. By playing a few games of table tennis each week, a person can easily work on this.

Table tennis is a fun sport that anyone can play. Young children love to play against their friends, while teenagers find it as a way to pass their time. Couples can have friendly competitions and the elderly can use table tennis as a means to get in their daily or weekly exercise, both physically and mentally. If you are interested in playing a table tennis game, call Custom Table Tennis Paddles to find the right paddle for you. The professionals at this company can help you decide if you are unsure what kind is right for you. Perhaps it will be the Speed Master or the Tornado Off? Maybe they will recommend Predator Off, Top-Gun, or the TTL Win Keeper. Whatever you decide, know that table tennis is a great sport that can be for two or four players.

Picture Credit: RGY23